His forward smash is especially deadly on recovering opponents, often KOing any recovering opponent above 25%. Overall a quick attack in both starting and ending, good horizontal reach, strong horizontal knockback, and a hitbox with long duration. While King Dedede is walking up a staircase, Wario attacks him (probably payback for stealing his ride). King DeDeDe in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.Added by B1bl1kal King Dedede also appeared in Brawl. He is more of a rival to Kirby than an enemy, however. Plague von Karma; Jun 7, 2020; Replies 0 Views 154. Ness makes the connection that King Dedede was the one who created the brooches and therefore revived them, so he revives the King. Does collateral damage to anybody hit by the character being spit out, depending on that character's weight. Pulls himself up slightly, then heaves himself onto the stage while kicking in front of him. However, his laggy attacks and trouble controlling his Super Dedede Jump has kept him from being in the higher tiers. Like Dedede's other smashes, the hitbox of the down smash has transcendent priority. Although Dedede can keep pressure on opponents well, he himself is particularly susceptible to projectiles (although Waddle Dees can block projectiles), air camping by characters like Wario, (though with his huge defense it can be hard to approach and get the lead), and meteor smashes (though he can recover from them easily if not KOd by them given his great vertical recovery) due to being a slow, large target. Dedede's forward throw ends chain throws that have reached the edge with significant damage, with the added bonus of putting opponents into a recovery situation, where Dedede can begin utilizing his amazing edgeguard game which is deadly against characters with a bad recovery like Link and to a lesser extent, characters with a slow recovery like Snake. His decline on the tier list, combined with the fact that his best players, such as Mew2King, Atomsk, CO18, and Coney, became inactive in the Brawl scene or stopped using him in favor of other characters, has resulted in a large decrease in tournament play and earnings. JavaScript is disabled. Clompity-clompity-clompity-clompity! King Dedede Skin Mods for Super Smash Bros. It can also be used as a risky, but deadly edgeguarder, often KOing recovering opponents above 30%. The badges' effects are not immediately seen, which may be confusing to some viewers (one might be led to believe that he may have done this simply to mark them as his property). King Dedede has the usual attributes of heavyweight characters: high KOing power, slow mobility/attacks, high range, fast falling speed (the fastest in the game), and large size. Select from a wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that help bring your imagination into reality. The hitbox in Dedede's up smash does have transcendent priority. Although he is the fastest faller in the game, his falling acceleration is not very fast so it is more beneficial than harmful. His uncharged, sweetspotted F-Smash is stronger than a fully-charged Jet Hammer. Minimal landing lag. This overall results in strong, yet polarizing matchups (Dedede counters a large portion of the cast, while he is also countered by several top/high-tier characters), along with excellent tournament results (especially in Meta Knight-banned tournaments). King Dedede's role in The Subspace Emissary, appearing to be evil at first but turning out to have good intentions in the end, is very characteristic of his roles in the Kirby games. Due to this and its hitbox having a long duration, it is great as a spot dodge, rolling dodge and air dodge trapper. It works well as a roll dodge and air dodge trapper as the hitbox is swept around Dedede and like his other attacks, it too has a hitbox with a long duration. This Final Smash can KO at around 45%. Does 16%. King Dedede is the only antagonist to KO a fighter without needing the use of a. Dedede is good at keeping pressure on the opponent, despite his very slow movement in the air and on the ground (third slowest dash speed and worst air speed). From a distance, Dedede can prod his opponent with his quick forward tilt, the furthest reaching standard attack in the game, or he can use his Waddle Dee Toss to toss living projectiles at the opponent, which are capable of attacking of their own accord and absorbing projectiles to defend Dedede. Dedede's recovery puts together four mid-air jumps and a super-armored Up Special wit… While it is a great KO move in some situations, on platform-less stages such as Final Destination, it can have difficulty KOing without setting up as its hitbox doesn't extend that far from Dedede's body. This is due to his amazing chaingrab and powerful throws combined with an extensive grab range, ability to Sacrificial KO, fantastic edge guard game, greatest resistance to vertical KOs (a combination of being the fourth heaviest character and having the fastest falling speed in the game), great range, good recovery for his weight class, good Waddle Dee Toss projectile blocking, a few quick, hard hitting attacks, and having what could be considered one of the best defensive games, which is made better by being one of the most difficult characters to KO in the game. King Dedede is also the fourth heaviest character, with the fastest falling speed, giving him the best vertical endurance in the game (noticeably longer than the second most resistant vertical KO character, Snake). It has surprisingly fast start-up lag with low ending lag. KOs reliably around 120-125%. As such, Dedede's up smash is often neglected and is not often used. While a Dedede player must be wary of their weaknesses, in the end, they can use his excellent defensive game, survivability, range, power, pressure ability, and grab game to overcome them against most characters. Resource icon. No King Dedede fights him alone and wins the fight, then revives Bowser again, but when Bowser tries to attack again, King Dedede stops him by batting the Koopa's nose. Once inside, King Dedede is seen treating the trophies with surprising kindness. Final Smash - Waddle Dee Army: King Dedede Summons his army of Waddle Dees, who run about the stage at high speed to try and sweep opponents away with them. The move can be cancelled partway by pressing down. Has, Swings hammer upwards in front of himself. Does a minimum of 2% with a maximum of 19%. Both the hitboxes of the sweetspot and sourspot have transcendent priority. Back Throw - Hits opponent with hammer behind himself. Notify me about new: Guides. WADDLE DON'T - A DDD Video. It is significantly weaker when sourspotted, dealing half the damage and not KOing until about 160%. 100% Ledge Attack - Slowly pulls himself up, and when he is most of the way pulled back onto to the stage, quickly swings his hammer over his head down in front of him. King Dedede's pose in his official render resembles one of his idle poses. Neutral Aerial - Sticks his arms out and legs back, body slamming with his large stomach. His back throw is very strong, both in knockback and in damage (16%, the most damaging throw in the game), and can KO at higher percentages when performed from the edge. King Dedede finally becomes a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, making him the third playable character from the Kirby series. King Dedede & Kirby: [Specials: Direct] Attack +21, King Dedede (Kirby Super Star): [Leg] Attack +28, Kirby (Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards): [Body, Spin] Attack +22, Kirby (Kirby Air Ride): [Arm, Leg] Attack +17, Starman (Kirby: Squeak Squad): Launch Power +33, King Dedede (Kirby: Squeak Squad): [Throwing] Attack +30. No A crafty Dedede can even fool an opponent into a kill at 40% by using his forward-smash, although this is risky as his forward smash (the strongest in the game) is extremely laggy despite its reach (which includes a shockwave slightly in front of the hammer). De-de-de-de-de-de-de! Due to this and its hitbox having a long duration, it is great for a spot dodge, rolling dodge and air dodge trapper. Availability Has decent edgeguard ability, particularly against characters with poor ledge sweetspots, though generally one of his aerials or forward smash is a more useful option. Glad to see that they are okay, and that they revived him, King Dedede sets out with his two companions to save everyone from Subspace. King Dedede's battle entrance in the stage may be a reference to his laziness. King Dedede is voiced by Kirby creator, former HAL employee, and director of the Super Smash Bros. series, Masahiro Sakurai, who also voiced him in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. ... pieshaped radius in front of Dedede. s a n s; In addition, as character diversity declined, the mid and low tiers that Dedede countered became increasingly rare in the tournament scene. While difficult to utilize against grounded opponents, it is very useful for, Sticks his foot out behind him, kicking with it. Additionally, King Dedede boasts tremendous reach and power throughout his moveset (with his forward tilt being a long-ranged spacing tool, and his up tilt being a quick anti-air attack), a strong aerial game (with his back aerial being considered one of the overall best attacks in Brawl), and a versatile projectile in his Waddle Dee Toss. Brawl King Dedede VOD Playlists - 109 Videos Total! Waddle Dee Toss can not be properly reflected (excluding Gordos). That doesn't mean anything 2. Plague von Karma. Also like up air, its long duration and fairly low end lag make it great at countering certain vertically oriented moves, like, Pummel - Lays his hammer on the ground and headbutts them. While difficult to utilize against grounded opponents, it is very useful for edgeguarding due to its good top-to-bottom coverage, strong knockback, and low ending lag, which allows it to be used in Wall of Pains in conjunction with his bair. Ol' King Dedede; Aug 8, 2015; Replies 3 Views 2K. During this time, Dedede learns of Tabuu's Off Waves and spends the rest of the story preparing for them. Conversely, King Dedede has only one disadvantageous matchup and five even matchups against characters lower-tiered than him, and he harshly counters lower tier characters moreso than other top/high tier characters do besides Meta Knight. A sound effect is heard and King Dedede laughs. Has. King Dedede's hitbox size of each of his moves. King Dedede, also known as just Dedede (デデデ, Dedede), is a playable character in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. However, it has slow start-up lag and even worse ending lag with rather average damage output for an up smash. Where Dedede really shines is in his ability to transition defense into a powerful offense. First Appearance: Kirby's Dream Land (GB, 1992) Made Famous By: Kirby's Adventure (NES, 1993) Last Appearance: Kirby Dream Collection (Wii, Dedede does a big leap upward and then rockets back down to the ground with a devastating stomp that produces stars on both sides of himself. Wii - Super Smash Bros. Brawl - King Dedede - The #1 source for video game models on the internet! Super Smash Bros. Brawl. Multiple hits, good for racking up damage. Hmm.

After two (2) games, you must purchase another session to be Offline. However, it has amazing reach - the farthest of any non-projectile ground attack, and is somewhat fast compared to other attacks of similar range. While King Dedede is walking up a staircase, Wario attacks him (probably payback for stealing his ride). Hits opponent with his hammer behind himself. During these ten seconds, Dedede is invincible. Can set up a up aerial against heavy/fastfalling opponents at very low percentages. Long lasting hitbox but produces very low knockback. Sticks his arms out and legs back, attacking with his large stomach. Down Smash - Pulls back the hammer and then spins it horizontally along the ground. Then, as Wario approaches on his Cargo carrying two trophies (the princess that was not saved from the arena and Ness), he tries to take the new Luigi trophy and is suddenly ambushed by a herd of Waddle Dees who throw Luigi into the cargo. Even though his recovery is predictable due to the Super Dedede Jump's slow speed and inability to grab the ledge at all unless canceled, his overall recovery is much harder to gimp compared to other heavyweights' recovery. He goes to put the last badge on the princess, but finds he does not have enough, and ends up using the brooch he made for himself on the princess, another of his moments of kindness. King Dedede joins the rest of the characters for the rest of the story beating tabbu with help from Sonic. Note: King Dedede has the longest non-tether grab in the game, which when combined with his weight and high traction, make him the best shield grabber in the game, being able to shield grab even powerful attacks.

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