It's meaty, flavoursome, moist inside and super crispy inside. Place a medium, high sided frying pan over a medium heat or turn on a deep fat fryer. Is it possible to cook the seitan and store it/freeze it for a later date? Im sorry if this comment seemed negative in anyway but I simply wanted to vent. use less or omit if you want less it spicy. All HAIL SEITAN! i dont dredge, i feel like it dirties my oil with too much flyaway dredge (or maybe im just too messy to use dredge haha). Thank you! Bring the broth ingredients to a boil in a large, tall saucepan. Carefully place coated seitan pieces into hot oil. Add 1/3 cup of the flour mixture to the mustard mixture and combine well. Most seitan comes packaged in a bit of a … Chickwheat’s texture has a meaty bite to it and has a different mouthfeel compared to other kinds of seitan. I would suggest altering the instruction from simmering the seitan in the broth to simply steaming the seitan so that is holds form when completed. This will now be my go to recipe for Seitan Chicken. And this recipe was amazing! If you like southern fried chicken, try seitan made with all the same ingredients, including a spicy batter and a coat of flour for the perfect amount of crispiness. If you do try it again, be sure to keep the broth to a very low simmer while the seitan cooks. they didnt get too puffy, and were crispier. Then I cooked them in my air fryer. Thanks so much for sharing, Alisa. In this recipe, a serving of 2 Seitan Cutlets has almost 30 grams of protein. Enjoy with vegan ranch, bbq sauce, or another fav! Make sure you have some ketchup or an accompanying condiment or even some vegan cornbread to serve alongside your "fried chicken". This recipe is for vegans and meat-eaters alike. I tried this recipe and it was great! Seitan Fried ‘Chicken’ Method: First we make the Seitan dough. I’m newly plant based and following this recipe was really great encouragement for me. Cook for 2 – 3 minutes or until golden. I use it in conjunction with coleslaw and a potato and gravy, for a home made vegan KFC. My whole family loves it (even the meat eaters). Your email address will not be published. Jolinda Hackett has written five books about plant-based cooking and has developed hundreds of vegan and vegetarian recipes. it's just a behavior. I’ve been vegan for nearly 20 years and I’m a semi retired chef in a 10% vegan restaurant. If you don’t like seitan, you can follow the same recipe using cubes of tofu. Finally, you’re gonna dip your seitan pieces into flour and vegg (we prefer this vegan egg) mixtures and fry them in canola oil…. Seitanism is not a religion. After making the seitan, I had no issue simmering it in my cast iron skillet. We recommend following this method: Hope this helps! Coat pieces of seitan or mock chicken with the mustard batter, then coat each piece with the dry flour mixture. We’ve got you covered. I’ve made this recipe twice and both times it’s come out amazing! Add the veggie broth and soy sauce and mix until combined. Sorry, we’ve never tried baking these! additionally, i like to add the same amount of cayenne as paprika – it gives it a nice kick. Plus, it’s very low in fat and … yum!! Shake off excess panko. I’ll also say that I love that your recipe doesn’t include tahini or any nut butters. In London, there is even a fast-food chain based around the ingredient. My go-to recipe now; thank you . Flatten out the seitan to 1cm in thickness, and chop into chicken-breast-sized chunks.
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