SUMMER SUNSHINE AND WINTER DARKNESS. Summer opens up a whole new host of possibilities in Greenland, from kayaking among glaciers under the midnight sun to fishing in empty fjords. The number of days of continuous summer sunshine and winter darkness depend on the latitude of the places you visit. But every summer north of the Arctic Circle, the midnight sun foils this conventional understanding of time.. Stark white daylight turns into warm evening hues, but still the sun remains in plain sight for one perpetual day. In Nuuk, the capital, average winter temperatures are only −9 °C (16 °F). The summer is short, but intense, and the flora immerses the landscape in a burst of seasonal colour, with picturesque hiking trails and sailing some of … The days are long and bright. Greenland’s winter may seem a little daunting according to our 8-month timespan of October to May. Relatively high in the north the days in summer are long and short in winter. Summer in Greenland is characterized by long bright and warm days with the possibility of hiking in the mountains, sailing on the fjords and generally active outdoor days. Ranging in color from snow white to turquoise, sea ice lined the shoreline in eastern Greenland in mid-June 2000. Summer in Greenland lasts from June through to September and is very unique. It typically has short, cool summers and long, moderately cold winters. The summer months are June through August, but also the end of May and part of September offers summer … Lasting from June through September, it is a magical time to be here. We only really have two definitive seasons – a long winter and a short summer. Due to Gulf Stream influences, Greenland's winter temperatures are very mild for its latitude. Summer in Greenland . The sun is one of the most ordinary elements in life, rising and setting every day to create day and night. With the midnight sun at its peak and the humidity at its lowest, summers in Greenland are warmer than you might expect. In the southerly regions of Greenland that do not lie above the Arctic Circle, there is no midnight sun, although the nights certainly do remain light during the summer months. Seasons in Greenland are different to the seasons you probably know from back home. Suggestions could be to check out boat trips for Kap Hope, Kap Tobin or Kap Swainsson ... Greenland is a photographer’s paradise and you should ensure to have enough memory cards with you. It is also the time when you can witness the midnight sun – typical of an Arctic summer. NASA’s Landsat 7 satellite acquired this image on June 16, 2000, shortly before the summer solstice when the Arctic enjoyed near round-the-clock sunshine. This is the best time to experience the country's natural beauty with activities like cycling, hiking, or kayaking. MIDNIGHT SUN IN GREENLAND. The times of sunrise and sunset in Greenland are significantly influenced by the country's very northern position in the hemisphere. With a plethora of sunlight during the summer, this place is where time loses its essence. Nuuk, Greenland’s capital, soared to 75 degrees (24 Celsius) Thursday, marking the warmest temperature ever recorded in the Arctic country during June. In the summer when the pack-ice goes away the sea turns into a highway making boat tours to various surrounding locations an option. In summer, a lot of the surface ice near the coast melts and Greenland opens up into a hikers and backpackers paradise.Explore incredible rocky terrains, amazing glacial rivers and lush green valleys! With up to approximately 21:20 hours the longest days happen in Juni. It is the best time to visit if you want to go hiking and get involved in lots of outdoor activities. Greenland's climate is a tundra climate on and near the coasts and an ice cap climate in inland areas. Greenland in summer is much more pleasant and accessible.
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