Origin. The study found that Albizia lebbeck was able to protect the pancreatic islet of Langerhans cells from oxidative damage [10]. Benth. is a deciduous, perennial medium-sized legume tree. Botanical and Urdu Name - Free download as Word Doc (.doc), PDF File (.pdf), Text File (.txt) or read online for free. Albizia thorelii Pierre. 5094 plants; 880 exotics; 100 more multiple keys for finding plants; 20,000 more plant images; 6,800 local/trade/common names and more...>>> Albizia lebbeck Albizia lebbeck (Woman's Tongue, Siris Tree) The women tongue tree is a medium size tree reaching 15-20 m in height with a spreading canopy. Food plant for the larval stages of the Common Grass Yellow Butterfly. Origin. Homonyms Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth. soros-tree. It's common names are: Lebbekboom [african]. Namensnennung - Nicht kommerziell - Keine Bearbeitungen 4.0 International (CC BY-NC-ND 4.0) This is a human-readable summary of (and not a substitute for) the license. Also naturalised in Africa, tropical South America, southern USA (i.e. View image slideshow. Bark of the tree is used for various ailments in Ayurveda. Dy Phon, P. (2000). Blaze odour resembles beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) to some extent. "Lebbeck" is its Arabic name. Common name(s) Siris Tree, Albizia, Indian Siris Tree. Townsville. Coração-de-negro, língua-de-mulher, língua-de-sogra [portuguese]. Albizia lebbeck has a HPWRA (Hawai'i Pacific Weed Risk Assessment) score of 7 (High Risk). Table of Contents. Shirish or Lebbek tree (Albizia lebbeck, family: Fabaceae) is a large deciduous tree with spreading crown, attaining a height of 15-20 m. The black bark tree is native to Bangladesh as well as Southeast Asia and Australia. Acacia-tree, Broome raintree, East Indian-walnut, frywood, Indian siris, koko, siris tree [english]. Tropical Asia, northern Australia. Albizia lebbeck Benth. Leaves bipinnate with a large gland on the base of petiole, pinnae 2-5 pairs. Central Caution. Usually asymmetrical at base, dull green above, pa… Pithecellobium splitgerberianum Miq. The species is planted widely throughout the world's tropics and can grow to 50 feet high (15 m). Leaves are bipinnate with 3-11 pairs of bright green, … Part(s) Used: Stem and bark Type: EGYPT: Without data (lectotype: LINN 1228.16). Leaflet stalks very short, about 1 mm. Description. Ajna Fern Vernacular names, Sanskrit synonyms ; Classical categorization; Medicinal qualities; Albizia lebbeck uses; Part used, Dose, Research; Ayurveda medicines; Usage in poisoning; Interaction with medicines, supplements ; Vernacular names, Sanskrit synonyms. As time goes by it will become increasingly difficult to determine whether particular specimens come from the local form or from the naturalised introduced form. Leaves bipinnate, extrafloral nectaries present. This suggests a protective effect against diabetes mellitus due to fatty deposits and destruction in the pancreas. Common Names. Slightly raised glands normally present on the upper side of the compound leaf petiole, not far from the base and also on the secondary axes between most pairs of leaflets. Other common names include Indian walnut, lebbeck, lebbeck tree, flea tree, frywood, and koko. Latin Botanical: Albizia lebbeck. Cream; tree. Ecological Impact. Description. Family: FABACEAE. Usually multi-stemmed, it can be grown as a single straight stem. Peduncles about 4-5 cm long. The gray, cork-like bark is fissured and somewhat flaky. Hindi name – Siris English name – lebbeck, lebbek tree, flea tree, frywood, koko and woman’s tongue tree Telugu name – Dirisena chettu Tamil name – Vegiai Kannada name – bage mara Malayalam name – Vaga Punjabi name – Siri, Shari Gujarati name – Sarsado Bengali name – sirosh Marathi name –Siras Sanskrit Synonyms: Kapitana, Mrudupushpa – Flowers are soft Shukapirya, Shukapushpa – flower resemble… Introduced in China (including Taiwan), eastern Indochina, Malesia, most of Africa (except southern Mediterranean, southern Africa), Madagascar, Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America (northwest), New Guinea, Australia Useful Tropical Plants Database 2014 by the Cook Isla… Blaze odour resembles beans (Phaseolus vulgaris) to some extent. Class – Magnoliopsida. In SE Queensland, Australia, Albizia lebbeck has grown well in an area (Gayndah 25°37' S, 160 m asl) where 24-hour annual average temperature is 20.7 ºC (SD 4.63) and receiving over 12 frosts per year, some quite severe (<-4 ºC). Order – Fabales. The fruit is a pod containing 6 -1… The branchlets are armed with hook-like prickles up to 5mm long 451. Campus. Vernacular names . Flower colour; life form. Family: Leguminosae. raom tree. The name came from the jingle sound of the seeds inside the pods when it shakes. Contents. Pods flat, about 15-25 x 4-5 cm. Siris; Siris Tree; Powder-puff Tree; Lebbek; Indian Siris; Broome Rain Tree; Albizzia; Woman's Tongue Tree; Lebbeck. It is multi-stemmed when grown in the open but capable of producing a single straight stem when grown in plantations. The Indian Siris has brownish-grey bark, is fast growing and is planted in areas such as Broome for its shade providing qualities. New Yourk Botanic Garden Press, New York. Bentham, G. (1844) Hooker's London Journal of Botany 3: 87. Species Albizia lebbeck (L.) Benth. London Journal of Botany. The name Albizia is used in species that are not widely known under a common name. Common name: Siris tree, Woman's tongue • Hindi: ... Botanical name: Albizia lebbeck Family: Mimosaceae (Touch-me-not family) Medium to large tree with gray-brown bark; leaves bipinnate, the primary leaflets subopposite, 2-4 pairs; ultimate leaflets opposite, 6-8 pairs, oblong, slightly asymmetric, blunt, 2.5-4.5 cm long.

albizia lebbeck common name

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