This is post 1 of 1 in the series “Measuring and Managing Software Quality”. 1. INTRODUCTION Many resources are spent on software maintenance. Software metrics have been much criticized in the last few years, sometimes justly but more often unjustly, because critics misunderstand the intent behind the technology. The maintainability of a software application is the most important attribute after safety. “maintainability”, our hypotheses, and our approach. It relates to the size, consistency, structure, and complexity of the codebase. The software engineering literature proposes many models and metrics to predict the maintainability of a software project statically. For example, maintainability but each of the factors is to be measured to check for the content and the quality control. Is it difficult to maintain your software? ho often fails, and m uc h eac failure costs) rather than (someho w) t wice the same feature. While there are several NFRs such as performance, maintainability, reusability, ... it is the opinion of the authors that measures for software architecture are extremely important. In this chapter, we explain what we mean when we speak about maintainability. The readability and understandability of both source code and documentation should be considered to measure the maintainability. There exist metrics that can help developers measure and analyze the maintainability level of a project objectively. measuring the failure rate of a software product, we can have N installations of the software under observation. The maintainability testing shall be specified in terms of the effort required to effect a change under each of the following four categories: Corrective maintenance – Correcting problems. The following list shows the code metrics results that Visual Studio calculates: Maintainability Index - Calculates an index value between 0 and 100 that represents the relative ease of maintaining the code. This approach for measuring failure rates has been widely used [1, 19]. Maintainability Index (MI) [article cited from Wikipedia] Maintainability Index is a software metric which measures how maintainable (easy to support and change) the source code is. Software metrics is a predictor to assess and predict software quality; however, although maintenance is a critical task, it has been poorly managed due to inadequate measurement, so we need precise criteria for measuring software maintenance (Rizvi & Khan, 2010). Menu. In a public payphone for example, the target Time to Repair might be 15 minutes (on-site time) to restore a faulty payphone to full working order. maintainability will represen t w o orthogonal features of the soft are (viz. Within the software architecture, measures such as watchdog timers, flow control, data integrity checks (e.g., hashing or cyclic redundancy checks), input and output validity checking, retries, and restarts can increase reliability and failure detection coverage (Shooman 2002). Measuring and monitoring maintainability is a must for mission-critical applications where change is driven by tight time-to-market schedules and where it is important for IT to remain responsive to business-driven changes. INTRODUCTION In the field of software engineering, developing a software product for the purpose of meeting its functional requirements is important. Maintainability measures how easily software can be maintained. A number of software metrics can be used to measure maintainability. The maintainability of a software system is determined by properties of its source code. Software maintainability is a crucial property of software projects. You can’t use a single metric to ensure maintainability. Maintainability. Having some heuristics and metrics that measure an application’s source code provides a useful starting point, and observing these metrics over time can identify important trends. Because maintainability impacts the length of downtime for an asset, it … How well does the product support the testing? It is also important to check the testability and understandability. In large pieces of equipment, maintenance times might be listed for different tasks on individual parts of the equipment. Key Metrics to Measure Software Maintainability (5 – 8) In the agile approach, maintainability stands for every process that goes into delivering changes to your consumers. One measure of maintainability is Time to Repair (TTR, also known as ‘turn-around time’). A high value means better maintainability. Why the ability to measure objectively: I work in a big enterprise group. Keep- ing the software’s code base in a good shape, i.e. Software maintainability cannot be adequately measured by only source code or by documents. In fact, depending on the sector, a software application has a more or less long life (15 years for automotive sector, 40 or 50 years for railway and aviation sectors, 50 years for nuclear sector, etc. In particular, Oman et al. This is because the quality of the final software product depends on the first stage of the solution – namely the software architecture [6,7]. Sigrid®, our software assurance platform, combines code analysis based on ISO 25010 with our unparalleled expertise to enable you to measure, evaluate and monitor your software quality in every stage of the software life cycle – whether you’re buying, building or operating it. Software complexity metrics, for example, rarely measure the And ensuring maintainable source code relies on a number of factors, such as testability and understandability. Let’s find it out using the structure, size, complexity, and consistency metrics that analyze the codebase. If you want to increase deploy times and make code updates easier as part of your Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) framework, consider monitoring the next software performance metrics: … It calculates how easy it is to identify problems with a system and solve the problem. Maintainability testing shall use a model of the maintainability requirements of the software/system. (Tech) Maintenance forms the major part of the software’s development costs. Software measurements. Timo Lehtinen D.Sc. Taxi Biringer | Koblenz; Gästebuch; Impressum; Datenschutz Thus, producing software that is easy to maintain may potentially save large costs. Most of these metrics involve automated analysis of the code. proposed the Maintainability Index (MI) [6], [7]: an attempt to objectively determine the maintainability of software systems based upon the status of the source code. Counting the number of lines of code is a simple measure of maintainability—software with more lines of code is harder to maintain, meaning changes are more likely to lead to errors. Typically,thesemethodsuseasetofwell-knownmet- rics like lines of code, Halstead volume [9], or McCabe’s Cyclomatic Complexity [18] and combine them into a sin-gle value, called maintainability index by means of statisti-cally determined weights. A good metric to measure software maintainability is the holy grail of software metrics. I have defined maintainability as: a measure of the effort required to change the functionality of application software. Categories and Subject Descriptors D.2.8 [Software Engineering]: Metrics performance measure General Terms Measurement, Design Keywords Software, Maintainability, Metrics, Object-oriented system, CK metric suite 1. If the total number of failures in all the N installations in a time period T is F, then the best estimate for the failure rate of the software is [18] λ = F / (N * T) . Maintainability and flexibility at the software level are of predominant importance to drive innovation at the business process level. It was proposed by Oman and Hagemeister in the early nineties. If that would succeed we could track that metric in our nightly builds and use it like the canary in the coal mine. In general any software development manager is familiar with this definition of ‘effort’ as it applies to creating software. Resources for measuring and assessing software quality. Many software metrics have been proposed as indicators for software product quality [4], [5]. (Chem.) After that, we discuss why maintainability is important. Color coded ratings can be used to quickly identify trouble spots in your code. [1,4]. Primary Navigation Menu. Measuring software maintainability Date: August 10, 2015 Pages: 94 Major: Software Engineering Code: T241-3 Supervisor: Professor Marjo Kauppinen Advisor: Robert Brotherus Lic.Phil. The paper also proposes a new representation for rule base of fuzzy models, which require less space … \A is more main-tainable than B") ev en when the pro jects at hand deal with di eren t applications. The maintainability index is calculated as a factored formula consisting of Lines Of Code, Cyclomatic Complexity and Halstead volume. the amount of time needed to carry out a modification. Software maintainability is defined as the ease with which a software system or a component can be modified, to correct faults, improve performance or other attributes, or adapt to a changed environment. System RAM characteristics should be continuously evaluated as the design progresses. Keywords Software metrics, Halstead measure, maintainability, modifiability, software architecture, software deterioration. ); therefore, the ability to maintain a software application with respect to safety is essential. Both metrics are easy to game, especially when you're not measuring maintainability. The Automated Source Code Maintainability Measure is an industry-supported standard that outlines a set of 29 critical coding and architecture weaknesses to avoid in source code because of their impact on the maintainability of a software application. Several models of software quality factors and their categorization have been suggested over the years. Fenton and Pfleeger [1997] call these external product attributes – attributes that are measured with respect to how the product relates to the environment. This paper proposes an integrated measure of software maintainability. Sigrid pinpoints attention areas within your software portfolio. However, existing definitions of maintainability, such as the Halstead Volume, McCabe's Cyclomatic Complexity or the SEI maintainability index provide a very poor understanding of what maintainability is how it can be assessed and ultimately controlled. The software metrics are used to predict and estimate the software maintainability value. A software system’s maintainability can be determined by measuring the maintenance process, e.g. A measure of ‘effort’ must include time, resources and expertise. Identify the complexity and maintainability of your code It’ll give you an insight of your code maintainability and complexity. Shortsightedness and deadlines result in huge amounts of technical debt that never really get addressed. It can be defined as the ease with which a software system or component can be modified to be corrected, improved, or adapted to its environment. Increase your Code Review efficiency. metrics-based methods to measure attributes of software systems which are believed to affect maintenance, e.g. Assessing the quality of software can be a difficult, often subjective process. What we would like to achieve with such a metric is that its values more or less conform with the developers own judgement of the maintainability of their software system. Testability. The Software Maintainability Index (MI) is a single-value indicator for the maintainability of a software system. The measure m ust form the basis for comparisons across pro jects (e.g. It is also essential to keep maintenance costs under control. 5. There are several detailed test metrics used to check the complexity of code, such as cyclomatic complexity, which counts the amount of linearly independent paths through a program’s source code. Maintainability measures the ability to maintain or restore a piece of equipment to its functioning state. This book discusses these properties and presents 10 guidelines to help you write source code that is easy to modify.

how to measure software maintainability

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