It is estimated that there are just 12,400 cheetah surviving in the wild. Live cheetahs are caught and traded illegally to the exotic pet trade and they are also poached for their skin. Cheetahs face extinction pressure from climate change, hunting by humans, and habitat destruction, which is reducing the size of their populations. The cheetah is the world’s fastest land animal and Africa’s most endangered big cat. Endangered Species Act list, the cheetah is categorized as a threatened animal. This number is pretty shocking when you consider that there were about 100,000 cheetahs just over 100 years ago. Written by: Shannon Airton. In Africa, the cheetah is a threatened species, while in Asia it is a critically threatened species. "We know about three and a half thousand cheetahs. The 2016 paper, and other conservation groups, called for the cheetah's status to be changed from "vulnerable" to "endangered." This leaves populations to be extremely fragmented, which is cause for concern for their future. "The problem is very intense, and I think we're just getting an understanding of how intense it is," Dr. Kim Young-Overton, cheetah program director for Panthera, and one of the study's authors, told The Dodo. The majority of known cheetah range (76 percent) exists on unprotected lands. The Asiatic cheetah is one of the world's most critically endangered big cats. This is one of the reasons why it is difficult to breed cheetahs in captivity. Over 90 percent of the population has been wiped out. Cheetahs' own genes also pose a challenge to their continued survival. However, there are subtle differences. Illegal trade is threatening wild populations. Asiatic cheetahs are almost identical in appearance to their better known African cousins. Cheetahs have small heads, lean bodies, long legs, and a yellowish-tan coat with distinctive black spots. There are only 7,100 cheetahs left in the world, a recent study states. A closer look at cheetahs this International Cheetah Day. So, why are the cheetahs becoming extinct? Cheetahs Endangered The Ecosystem is not working well these days, and that is the reason why we face the extinction of a lot of species. Consequently, the cheetah should be defined as "endangered" instead of the less serious "vulnerable" on an official watch list of threatened species worldwide, the study said. Just 7,100 cheetahs remain across the globe as the species continues to face a range of threats from humans, according to new research Why Cheetahs are Threatened and What YOU Can Do To Help ... At the most recent meeting of the Animals Committee to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered … Man is the foremost animal in the ecosystem, and he gets the significant domination in nature, and that is how the earth is designed. Cheetahs are threatened not only by natural predators, but by hunters, poachers, farmers trying to protect their livestock, and loss of habitat. Tan color, specked with characteristic black spots and weighing up to 143 pounds. Cheetahs have lean bodies, long legs, a large heart and expansive lungs. As per the U.S. Uniquely adapted for speed, the cheetah is capable of reaching speeds greater than 110 kilometers per hour in just over three seconds.

why are cheetahs endangered

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